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Room 209, Building 401,KSEC industrial Park East Suburb 8 km, Kunming, China
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New Kunming Airport

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Project Brief

    As the only one come into construction project in the 11th five year plan of China Government, New Kunming airport is the fourth largest airport in China which design passenger flow is 38M per year, When completed the new airport can serve as a gateway to China’s Yunnan province and the south west generally as well as serving South East Asia, South Asia and Europe.
    Logan Teleflex and its Joint Venture Partner in China Logan-KSEC have been awarded the contract to supply, installation, commissioning and service the entire baggage handling system including the associated control, and IT systems.

Project Statistics

·6 Domestic departure check-in island, 2 international check-in island, totally 160 off check-in desk.
·DD, DI, ID transfer check-in island, 31 Check-in desks
·7 set OOG conveyors;
·11 off flat make-up carousels, 8+26 make-up laterals
·16 set arrival baggage conveyor lines, and 14 off inclined claim carousels and 1 flat claim carousel;
·69off plough, 31 off VSU;
·2 off Tilt tray sorter, 28 off induction lines;
·2 manual coding room and 3 manual coding station;
·Domestic EBS which capacity is 400b;
·International EBS Which capacity is 200b;
·300 DCV carts and 3000m track;
·40 off 360 degree ATR;
·2 set of main power Distribution panel and capacity compensation system;car
·28 set BHS control PLC and 12 set tub control PLC;
·28000㎡ steel platform;
·7 off empty tub loading conveyor, and 96 off empty distribution chute at Check-in;
·8 off tub lifter;
·Redundancy SCADA system;
·Redundancy SAC-Bagstage;
·2 Control room;
·1 set CCTV system, include 4 large screen, 12 monitors and 280 cameras;