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Belt Conveyors

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Model 571 Belt Conveyor
The Model 571 Belt Conveyor is simple and robust by design and has a number of applications within a baggage handling system, including:
• Simple transportation conveyor
• Check-In collector conveyor.
• Loading / Unloading conveyor.
• Use as a sortation lateral
• Early bag storage lanes.
• Conveying of “oversize” baggage.
Although the conveyor has been designed specifically
with the handling of airport baggage in mind, it is also
well suited to the handling of other products, such as
parcel handling, mail order, unit loads etc.

Standard Variation
Additional Design Options
•Cranked Mid Beds
•Stainless Steel Cladding
• Either Floor or CeilingMounted
• Belt Movement Sensor
•Hand safe PEC’s
•Raised Nip Guards
•Debris Trays
From2.1m to27.0m
0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 or1.2 m/s
50mm, 400mm(Preferred)450mmor500mm
Smooth top, rough top,low friction or
diamond pattern(Ammeraal as standard)
Clipper type orvulcanized on site
Sheet steel or piercedmesh, fixed or hinged
Painted mild steel,galvanised steel orstainlesssteel.

Application benifits
Choice of drive packs– end or centre drives
SEW as standard, others available as non-standard
Drive located within headbed
Reduces number of pulleys. Used on conveyors typically up to 16m long.
Drive located in centre bed
Ideal for reversing application or longer conveyors up to 27m long
Shaft Mounted Gear Box
Drive reliability and ease of maintenance
Three Pulley Drive Configuration
Belt is driven on the non-carrying surface
Range of Drive Sizes 1.1 to 4.0kw
Drive pack selected to suit conveyor length, speed, product loading etc.
Horizontal gearbox, even on incline conveyors
Improved lubrication, oil fill consistent on all boxes
Removable sidewalls local to drive bed
Easy belt splicing access
Screw Take-Up Design
Belt adjust from one side of conveyor
Short Faced End Pulley
Eliminates trap points for fingers and straps etc. by the use of dummy pulleys
Fully welded un-lagged pulleys
Zero maintenance
External Bearings on Pulleys, with recesses for access with puller
Maintenance easily, bearing replaced without remove pulley
High Bearing Life
Conveyor designed normally to L10 50,000 hr bearing life
Max 2 bearing sizes, 40mm 2 hole plus 50mm 4 hole flange
Reduced spares holding and ease of maintenance
Tail Snubber Roller
Ease of belt tracking
Reinforced bed plates
Increases load capacity of conveyor
Close Belt Return Roller Pitch
Eliminates sagging of belt on return path
Design Flexibility
Accommodate variations such as sidewall height, bed width, drive components etc.
Fire Retardant Belting to ISO 340
Reduces the spread of fire
Quiet Running During Operation
Noise level typically around 70dBa, speed & location dependant
Modular Design
Facilitates installation and any subsequent modifications