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Parallel Sortation Unit

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Model 656AParallel Sortation Unit

The model parallel sortation unit has two main functions wtihin baggage handling systems:Sortation and Route Diverting.

Sortation-TheFast Acting Belt Plough can be used for outsorting single bags from a stream of bags. In this mode, the action is similar to that of a pusherwith the blade arm moving in and out, completing one full cycle for each bag diverted. Typical examples of  Parallel sortation uint being used for sorting are inthe outsorting of bags on screening lines, diverting bags to make-up carousels or laterals, as part of sortation systems or to send individual bags to manualcoding lines.

Route Diverting-Alternatively, Parallel Sortation unit can be used to diverta whole stream of bags off-line. In this instance the plough arm will remain inthe ‘divert’ position for a duration of time, until all bags for divert have cleared. This mode will usually be used for fall-back conditions or to divert streams ofbags during route selection within a baggage handling system.

Design Options
Conveyor Bed Width
1000mm or1200mm
Plough Mounting
Independent floor mounted ordirect to conveyor
Security fencing or localisedguards
Belt joint
Clipper type or vulcanisedendless
Material Finish
Painted mild steel orgalvanised steel

Application Benefits
V-Belt Pulley DriveFor Plough Belt
Absorbs shock loading to drivewhen plough diverts baggage
Inverter ControlledPlough Action(Sortation Only)
Ensures smooth cycle action ofdiverter arm during high cyclicperiods
High Sort Rate
Up to 1500 sorts per hour
Simple LinkageMechanism forPlough Actuation
Reduces shock loads in ploughstructure by use of T.D.C.mechanics.
360o MotorRotation for OneComplete Cycle
Eliminates risk of plough armover-run
Short Faced EndPulleys
Eliminates trap points
Sealed For LifeBearings
Reduces maintenancerequirements
Belt Sweep Plate onunderside of PloughArm
Eliminates trap point for bagstraps etc. between plough armand conveyor belt
Design Flexibility
Accommodates variations suchas bed width, belt height, drivecomponents etc.
State of the Art PLCControls
Use of standard PLCtechnology enables clients’handling / screening schemes tobe complemented