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Vertical Sortation Unit

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Model595  Vertical Sortation Unit
The Model 595 Vertical Sortation Unit is effectively made up of two moving belt conveyors that can pitch up and down at high speed to enable splitting orcombining of the flow of bags (or other items) between two different levels. Typical applications include:
• The outsorting of individual bags.
• Splitting flow from one line into two.
• The merging of two conveyor lines into one.
Examples of typical uses include the outsorting of ‘suspect’ bags within screening systems, outsorting of bags to make-up carousels in departure / transfersorting lines, re-routing of a stream of bags in a fall-back scenario etc. 

Additional designoptions
•Alternative GearedMotor Manufacturer
•Alternative BeltManufacturer
•Either Floor orCeiling Mounted
•Anti-Vibration FootMounts
•Belt MovementSensor
•Debris Trays
Belt speeds
0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 or1.2 m/s
Incline /Decline
5o to7o (Upper conveyor Line)
Incline /Decline
7o to20o (Lower conveyorLine)
Security fencing or local
Belt Joint
Clipper type or vulcanisedendless
Painted mild steel orgalvanised steel

Application Benefits
Shaft Mounted GearBox on ConveyorDrives
Drive reliability and ease ofmaintenance
Inverter ControlledSwitching Drive
Gives smooth operation andlongevity of mechanicalcomponents
High Sort Rate
Unit capable of singulating upto2700 sorts per hour
Integral Jam Detection
Bag trip bars fitted to conveyorsto prevent damage to bagsduring failure
Sorting Drive LiftingCrane (Large drivesonly)
Large unit drives supplied withcrane to aid maintenance anddrive removal
Integral MaintenanceStruts
Allows conveyors to be securleysupported during routinemaintenance
Standard ConveyorWidth
Sortation Unit designed around1000mm wide belt, 1025mmbetween sidewalls
Two PulleyConfiguration
Reduces conveyor inertia,Improves motor / gearbox life
Short Faced EndPulleys
Eliminates trap points
Lagged Head Pulley
Minimises belt tensions
Crowned Tail Pulleys
Assists with belt tracking
External Bearings onPulleys
Ease of maintenance
High Bearing Life
Unit designed to 50,000 hourbearing life
Head and Tail SnubberRoller
Eliminates tracking problemswith short conveyors
Design Flexibility
Accommodate variations such assidewall height, bed width, drivecomponents etc.
Fire Retardant Beltingto ISO 340
Reduces the spread of fire.
Quite Running DuringOperation
Noise level below 70dBa
State of the Art PLCControls
Use of standard PLC technologyenables clients’ handling /screening schemes to becomplemented