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Pusher Sortation Unit

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Model569 Flip Action pusher

The Model569 Flip Action Pusher s are used to sort individual baggage items from a conveyor line or carousel to adjacent conveyor line or sort chute. It hasbeen designed to provide a smooth and gentle transfer of varying baggage types. It has also been developed to minimise the impact to the bag by the use ofa rotary motion. The unit also has the incline rotation guarding  in the end of pusher to reduce  the baggage jam risk when the  pushers return .



Steel construction mounted on screw adjustablefeet
Pusher arm
Length 1200mm, height 260mm. Steel constructionwith shock absorber facia.
Pusher arm connection with crank connecting rodsmounted in bearings
Mesh steel guarding all around chassis and linkage

Painted mild steel using epoxy paint

Application Benefits
Direct Mounted Gear
Box 0.75kw motor
Drive reliability and ease ofmaintenance
Impact ResistanceRubber on Blade
Reduces shock impact tobaggage and extends life ofpusher
Optimised Swept PathBlade Motion
Blade follows closelymotion of bag for smoothsort action
Cycle Time
1 second
High Sort Rate
Up to 2,660 sorts per hour
Speed of sort conveyor
60to90 m/min
Bag placed in ‘virtualwindows’ max 2m
Ensures bags separated forsorting
End of stroke detectedby cams
Prevents pusher over-run inhome position
360o Motor Rotationfor One CompleteCycle
Eliminates risk of pusherblade over-run
Sealed For LifeBearings
Reduces maintenancerequirements
Design Flexibility
Accommodates variationssuch as bed width, beltheight, drive components etc
State of the Art PLCcontrols
Use of standard PLCtechnology means that thepusher can be fullyintegrated into the baggagehandling control system