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Cam Sorter

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Model 594High Speed Cam Sorter

The Model 594 High Speed Cam Sorters are used to perform high speed sortation of bags from a conveyor line to adjacent lines or sort chutes. It has beendesigned to provide a smooth and gentle transfer of varying baggage types. And has also been developed to achieve this at incredibly high sort rates, up to80 bags per minute, or 4800 bags per hour. The rotary motion ensures the blade returns to the home position in the space vacated by the bag, enabling highthroughput at relatively low belt speed.
The unit also has the flexibility of being able to transfer bags at varying junction types; these include across parallel conveyor lines, from conveyor line ontoperpendicular conveyor line or directly onto gravity spurs or chutes.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Blade
Up to 7.5 kw drive motor for high throughput applications
Sort Rate – Up to 4800 sorts per hour
Min. 3.0m long Cam Sorter feed conveyor required

Typically 1.5m Chute Throat Width

Application Benefits
Flange Mounted GearBox
Drive reliability and ease ofmaintenance
Inverter ControlledDrive Motor
Control acceleration andcycle of blade motion
Cam Sorter BladeReturns in Area Vacatedby Bag
Allows close pitching of bagsto facilitate high throughput
360o Motor Rotation forOne Complete Cycle
Eliminates risk of Cam Sorterblade over-run
Smooth Divert Action
Gentle on baggage andincreases range of productsizes and type
Design MinimisesMoving Parts
Reduced maintenancerequirements and down times
Separately Wired MotorFan
Keeps motor cool duringvarying sort rates, prolongsmotor life
State of the Art PLCControls
Use of standard PLCtechnology enables clients’handling / screening schemesto be complemented.