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Straight chutes, curved chutes and glacis are used throughout Baggage handling systems to perform the transportation and storage.

Straight Chutes: straight chutes are designed to handle a wide range of product and convey them in a controlled manner whist causing the minimum disruption to baggage flow.  This is achieved without causing damage to the product by the use of proven design and employing the use of special coatingsor materials.
Glacis: glacis are similar in design to our straight chutes but are capable of giving an optimum amount of storage area combined with the most effective useof floor space.
Spiral Chutes: spiral chutes are designed with the same principals in mind as straight chutes but have the added advantages of being able to acceptmultiple inputs into the same chute within a limited floor space. Logan Teleflex spiral chutes have also been designed and profiled to allow product to ‘selfstart’ from any position along the chute.
Specific Chutes: Logan Teleflex also offer a range of specialised chutes, designed to perform specific taks or functions within Baggage Handling Systems.Such examples include ‘Petty Wheel’ transition chutes, gated chutes, dual output chutes etc.



Application Benefits
Profiled Entry / ExitSections
Allows chutes to be fed by or tofeed most types of conveyor orsorting device
High Storage Capacity
Chutes or Glacis can eliminatethe need for Early Bag storagelanes within a BHS
Specialised Coatingsor Materials
Controls the flow of productsdown the chute, even withdiffering product finishes
Space Saving Abilities
Chutes or glacis usually presentan effective solution were otherproducts will be to complex orwill not fit
Low Maintenance
No moving parts removes theneed for sustained maintenance
Specific Designs
Chutes and Glacis are designedto suit individual products andcustomer requirements
Straight Chutes & Glacis
Compact ChuteSpacing
Optimum number of destinationchutes within limited floorspace
Variable Angle ofDecent
High decent rate with smoothand controlled run-out
Spiral Chutes
Profiled Bed Plate
Controls speed and flow ofproduct down the chute
Multiple Inputs
Allows 2 tiers (or more) ofsortation devices
Self Start
Product stopped on the chute,from accumulation, will startdecent by gravity alone