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Induction Conveyor

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Model 684Induction Conveyor
The Model 684 Induction Conveyor is used in many different applications within a baggage handling system, including:
• Induction merge onto Tilt Tray Sorter
• Merging of two conveyor lines into one
• Take away conveyor from plough etc.
The merge unit is usually supplied as part of an integral baggage handling system, usually including induction conveyors, belt curves, queue and/ortransportation conveyors etc.

The Model 684 induction conveyor is of a modular design enabling the unit to be supplied at variable lengths and with varying functionality. It is alsosufficiently flexible to accommodate variations in sidewall height, belt speed, material finish etc.

Standard Variations
Additional Design Options
•Alternative Geared MotorManufacturer

•Alternative BeltManufacturer

•Cladding to Floor / PlatformLevel

•Either Floor or CeilingMounted

•Belt Movement Sensor
•Handsafe PEC’s
•Raised Nip Guards
•Debris Trays
Available as 30o and45o unit
0.5-2.8 m/s forinduction units
Belt Width
7 x 120mm strands.Effective 1000mm belt
Belt Joint
Clipper type
Painted mild steel orgalvanised steel
None, sheet or mesh

Application Benefits
Choice of DriveConfigurations
Suit individual clientpreferences
Underslung HTD
Good speed flexibility
Shaft Mounted
Ease of maintenance
Multiple Narrow BeltDesign
High availability. Unit stilloperational with up to 2 beltfailures
Use of ‘V’ BackBelting
Guarantees belts will remaintracked
Design for ContinualRunning
Long life expectancy
Independent BeltTake-Up Units
Accommodatesdiscrepancies betweenindividual belt stretch
Lagged Tail/DrivePulley
Minimises belt tensions andslippage and maximisesconveyor life
Two PulleyConfiguration
Reduces conveyor inertiaImproves motor / gearboxlife
High Bearing Life
Conveyor designed to50,000 hour bearing life
Design Flexibility
Accommodate variationssuch as sidewall height, bedwidth, drive components etc.
Reinforced bed plates
Increases load capacity ofconveyor
Fire RetardantBelting to ISO 340
Reduces the spread of fire
Quite RunningDuring Operation
Noise level below 70dBa
State of the Art PLCControls
Use of standard PLCtechnology enables clients’handling / screeningschemes to becomplemented