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Telebag - IDCV

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Model 705Telebag Intelligent Destination Coded Vehiclesystem
It is designed to provide a complete alternative to conventional baggage handling systems by being capable of handling all bag transport, storage and sortingrequired within the baggage handling system.
Each vehicle has its own PLC system on board which is used to control all aspects of the carts movement based on ‘missions’ provided to the cart from thecentralised control system. The cart has a conveyor mounted orthogonally to the direction of travel of the cart. The conveyor is used for smooth and reliableloading and unloading of the cart and also to ensure that the bag remains centred on the cart during its transit through the system.
Latest technology WiFi communications are used to ensure that the cart remains in constant contact with the centralised control system in order that newmissions can be provided and existing missions updated and cart status and position can be exchanged at any point on the carts journey.

The cart uses Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology as its drive. LIM drives are characterised by their very quiet operation and this technology alsoensures highly reliable operation of the cart. The LIM is sized to allow the cart to accelerate at a rate of 2.5 m/s/s up to  a maximum of 10m/s and will alsopermit a fully loaded cart to move off from rest on a maximum 12°angle incline. The ability to sort bags is naturally provided with Telebag as it is able todischarge a bag in any position within the system. Telebag has an inherent 100% tracking capability which sets it in a class of its own for many applications

Application Benefits
Linear Motor Drive
Quiet and highly reliable.
Vehicles control theirown movement and arecapable of starting whilstfully loaded on amaximum incline angle
On Board PLCSystem
The cart has the ability tocontrol its own movementwhich provides a level ofcontrol not seen on othersimilar devices
Cart only moves whena bag needs to behandled
Good energy consumptionthrough inherent energysaving operation
Wifi Communications
Continuouscommunication betweeneach cart and centralisedcontrol for betterapplication flexibility
Cart Mounted CrossConveyor
Enables smooth trackingand bag friendly transfersonto and off of the cart
Up to 150 InclineDecline
Space efficient transitbetween building levels
Bus Bar Power FeedTechnology
Proven reliability withoutsignificant power demandof other transfer methods
Proximity Sensors
Each cart is fitted withforward lookingproximity sensors thatallow it to determine theexistence and position ofany obstacle or cart in itspath. Prevents collisionsand provides goodmovement control
100% Tracking
The bag is retained on thecart and the cart is 100%tracked. This enablespreviously unachievablemodes of operation suchas flight encoding of bagsat check-in and manyother application benefits
Maintenance Friendly
The track is very simpleand only requires verylimited maintenance.Each cart is independentand is automaticallyscheduled formaintenance which isperformed in a dedicatedoff line area
Operational costreduction
Energy consumption isreduced, Maintenancestaff requirements arereduced