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Logan-KSEC attended the 17th Beijing International Air Show

The time of issue:2017-10-12 09:57:15 source:admin number:1509time

Logan-KSEC attended the 17th Beijing International Air Show from 19th to 22nd of 2017. The current Beijing Airshow was approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People‘s Republic of China. Beijing Airshow was co-sponsored by the China Aviation Industry Corporation, China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., China Aviation Society and Huayi Co., Ltd. the area is 50,000 square meters. The largest scale shows in the recent 30 years including aircraft manufacturing, engine, avionics and electromechanical, airborne systems, aerospace, aerospace manufacturing and equipment, UAV, aviation maintenance, airport equipment and air traffic control and many other areas. 

Logan-KSEC was invited by the British International Trade Department and the British Embassy in China to join in the British Exhibition Stand. The subject is innovation aim of to showcase and provide professional services for the implementation of modern, intelligent and sustainable airport construction projects in China and integrated solution. During the exhibition, we received a large number of domestic and foreign users and potential customers, to introduce them to the company‘s airport baggage handling system products and services, to promote our manufacturing, integration and technological advantages, showing the brand image of the logan-KSEC, the expected effect of this exhibition is satisfied.