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The DCV has been passed completion acceptance for Kunming New Airport Construction Project Baggage Handling System

The time of issue:2016-01-19 10:00:14 source:admin number:2481time

The DCV project has been passed completion acceptance organized by Kunming New Airport Construction Headquarter and Quality Supervision Department of CAAC on Jan.14th 2016, the DCV project is undertook by Daifuku Logan and Logan –KSEC for Kunming New Airport Baggage Handling System, it is estimated the project will to be put operation on March of 2016.

The DCV project is the second phase extension project, it is composed by 300 off DCV carts via reserved 2 of DCV tunnels beside two sides of baggage sorting hall. the baggage is transported from baggage sorting hall to 26 off apron make-up line. the overall length of DCV is 3000m The maximum speed is 10m/s. the throughput is 2840 p/h.

The product has features of low energy consumption, easy extensions, speed fast, integrated  transport and sorting, baggage tracking 100% for type 705 of DCV. It is suitable for mutual transport from departure and transfer to terminal, it plan to double the capacity of throughput. It is the ninth performance of global delivery DCV project for Kunming New Airport Baggage Handling System provided by Daifuku Logan also the first performance project with IATA standard type I in China.